Monday, June 11, 2012

The early weeks

 I grabbed a minute to upload some more photos from the early weeks after the birth of our son.

 My dad comes for a visit.

 Erik's mom comes for a visit from California.

 She and Stella played and played. She loves her Nana.

 Puppet show in the backyard with Nana.

 We share a meal.

 And go out into the backyard to horse around and play in the garden on a beautiful spring evening.

 The clothes come off, of course.

 Garden roses.

Cyril's rose starts to bloom (placenta planted beneath).

Saturday, May 19, 2012

And Baby Makes Four

Looking back at the date of my last post, it is clear that the holidays hit right after that. Since then, our beautiful son has joined us in the flesh. Fahren Cyril (we call him Cyril) was born at home at 1:50am on February 19.

 Stella wakes up to a new baby brother (the sex was a surprise).

 A tired daddy the morning of the birth.

 Stella started a ballet, tap and tumbling class the week before he was born.

 My dad comes for a visit.

 Stella sports her tap shoes.

 Notice the little ballerina in the background.

 Stella takes a pictures of Cyril like Daddy's doing.

 Not a happy bather...

 Asleep in the baby hammock.

 Going for a winter walk in the pram.

We planted the placenta in the ground and planted a rose bush on top of it (we call it Cyril's Rose). I hadn't actually planned on doing anything with the placenta, but then we thought, Why not?

Just when I thought my heart couldn't hold anymore love, Cyril came along. Before he was born, I couldn't imagine life with another child. Now I can't imagine living life without him. The moments are going too fast. Already he is 12 weeks old and I find myself batting back the tears because I can't freeze the moment. Stella will be 3 in less than two months and Cyril is already rolling. Funny how milestones can be so painful sometimes. 

I must be the luckiest woman alive. There is more joy in my life than I ever thought possible.

A bundle of pure joy.